The WHITE collection is a poetic and delicate bestiary. A whirlwind of poetry and surprises, always where you don't expect them !

Everything is in subtle harmony in shades of grey and white, translucent and transparent, a dreamlike dialogue between air, water, and glass, enter a world of dreams and lightness ...

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  • Manta

    The Manta vase which, as its name suggests, gives pride of place to the universe of the abyss, we find the sensations of diving ...

  • No Limit

    It is no longer the aquarium that enters our homes, it is ... the fish!

    Unleashed and exuberant nature takes back its rights, pushes back the limits and brings down the partitions in a great breath of freedom

  • Autumn

    Inspired by the trees of autumn, this pair of vases welcomes friendly birds in a pretty camaieu of white, frost and glass.

  • Bee

    An invitation to indulge!

    These honeycomb jars and decanters are visited by bees, a liquid gold that makes the taste buds salivate!

  • Swing

    If the name irresistibly brings to mind jazz, it is about the flexible sway of monkeys on their branch. A vase, a mug and a set of cups offers this family the old-fashioned charm of old-fashioned engravings, but with the lightness of form and transparency.

  • Blossom

    Charming lightness and poetry, an ode to spring with Japanese reminiscences for this branch of cherry tree all in delicacy.

  • Lilliput

    A well-named collection that you have to look at to overhear the conversations of tea drinkers or share the loneliness of the passer-by on his tiny planet

  • Winter

    A pretty winter branch for chilly birds, the marriage of porcelain, pewter and glass for a little moment of poetry

  • Iceberg

    A frosty and wintry atmosphere: a bear walks through an ice floe in mineral silence
    White, transparency, frost, it is the subtle alliance of materials in the service of a very pure collection
    The lines of this range transcend glass, the material is at the center of the collection

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Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items