For more than twenty years, Vanessa Mitrani has been a true lover of glass. The question of form isn't an end in itself but rather a basis for developing collections nourished by existential reflections on life, death, belief, animal life, construction, destruction ...

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  • Colors

    COLORS bears Vanessa Mitrani's signature, that of glass constrained with metal.

    From historical pieces celebrating their twentieth birthday, to new creations, they are now available in color.

  • Gravity

    A collection based on the imprint, with fundamental shapes

  • Candle

    Nice complete range of candles where the fragrances have been specifically studied while the containers have all been taken from the brand collection. A beautiful idea, both poetic and fun, representing our most beautiful designs in miniature format.

  • Trace

    Traces is a subtle work on the imprint and the fold, printed in tone on tone in the skin of the glass, the imprints are like a memory.

    The folds and faceting thus obtained remember the paper lanterns of Burmese or Japanese temples. With Traces, it's the glass itself that looks folded like origami.

  • Black & Gold
  • White

    The WHITE collection is a poetic and delicate bestiary. A whirlwind of poetry and surprises, always where you don't expect them !

    Everything is in subtle harmony in shades of grey and white, translucent and transparent, a dreamlike dialogue between air, water, and glass, enter a world of dreams and lightness ...

  • Dark

    Un voyage dans le lointain aussi bien qu’au cœur de l’intime.

    La Dark Collection prend plus source dans l’ombre et les sillons profonds de notre personnalité que dans la lumière, mais la poésie y est toujours au rendez-vous, chaque objet renferme un charme…


  • Jungle fever

    Invitation to exoticism in a plant and animal universe

  • Luminaries
  • Halloween Selection 2023
    Until November 15 included, enjoy 25% off the Halloween 2023 selection.
    A thrilling collection for all budgets!
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Showing 1 - 12 of 42 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 42 items